Viral Traffic Boost Review – Viral Traffic Plugin 2020

Viral Traffic Boost Review

Viral Traffic Booster

$17 - $37

User Interface




Product Value







  • No Experience Necessary
  • Easy Customization
  • Facebook™ App Integration
  • One year of FREE Upgrades & Support!
  • Live Customer Service


  • It can be used by only WordPress websites

Viral Traffic Boost Review - Introduction

Welcome to my Viral Traffic Boost Review.

Nothing is more important in any online business than cultivating a subscriber list.

More important than any website.
More important than any product.
More important than any funnel.

Your subscriber list is the KEY to making money on command therefor everything you do online should be geared towards growing your list. With this easy to use WordPress plugin, you can actually build your list organically without even asking people to enter their name and email into a form.

Viral Traffic Boost Review - Overview

Vendor: Omar Martin et al

Product: Viral Traffic Boost

Launch Date: 2020-Apr-28

Launch Time: 10:00 EDT

Front-End Price: $17 – $37

Official Website: Click Here

Guarantee: Yes, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Bonuses: Yes, Exclusive Bonuses Included worth $5000 

Niche: WordPress Plugin

What is Viral Traffic Boost?

In Simple, Viral Traffic Boost is a WordPress plugin that creates custom Facebook share buttons.

These buttons allow visitors to subscribe to your list without having to enter their name or email address into a form.

It works by using Facebook’s public API to transfer the visitor details onto your list the moment they agree to share your page.

The Viral Traffic Boost plugin then redirects the visitor to any page you want and can even place a download banner for you on the top of that page.

Viral Traffic Boost Review - Samples

Here Are Just Some Samples Of The Viral Traffic Campaigns You Can Create Using Viral Traffic Boost With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse…

This is a demo of a squeeze page that we put our magic button on. With a little creativity you can make all sorts of campaigns that drive traffic while building your list AND promoting affiliate offers!

This is an actuall VTB magic button that shares THIS page on your facebook while adding your name to our subscriber list and redirecting you to a new page with a free gift on top!

Why do you need Viral Traffic Boost?

This is a revolutionary tool that can really speed up the process of building your subscriber list.

This is great for affiliate marketers that want to use free traffic to sell digital products.

There are many uses for this tool because it will work in any niche.

Because traffic and leads are in such high demand you have a huge opportunity to make money using your VTB to provide this as a service for other businesses.

How can you make money with Viral Traffic Boost?

1) Give away something free and promote a congruent offer using your affiliate link.

2) Use the plugin to promote viral traffic boost itself.

3) IF you’re smart you’ll get the commercial license so you can offer traffic and lead generation service to businesses that want to increase their sales.

Right now there isn’t a business on the planet that couldn’t use more leads and sales!

How to use Viral Traffic Boost?

You can literally set up your Viral Traffic Boost plugin on your site and create magic button in just 4 steps.

Design your button shape and style to match any website and select the subscriber list you want your leads added to.

Enter any message and image that you want to be shared on your subscribers’ Facebook wall.

Design the style of your download banner which will be placed on any product page you want to promote.

Copy and paste your campaign shortcode into any page you want your magic button to appear!

Check the below Viral Traffic Boost Demo for better understanding.

Viral Traffic Boost Review - Demo Video

Viral Traffic Boost Review - Pricing & Evaluation

Basic Member

$197 $17 / Lifetime
  • Latest VTB WordPress plugin with shortcut tutorial PDFs.
  • SINGLE site license.
  • 12 months updates & Basic support.

Viral Traffic Boost Review - Bonuses

When you purchase the product through any of  the link this site, you will be getting  access through the below bonuses worth several hundred dollars.

Please follow the below steps to avail your bonus.

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete to clear all the cookies and caches from your internet  browser.

Step 2: Click the below “Buy Now” button.

Step 3: Buy the product from that link.

Step 4: Your Bonus will be delivered along with the product.

1.Creating Bridge Pages 

What is a bridge page and why is it important? In this training, you will learn how important bridge pages can be in warming up your site. Uncover the tips and techniques on how to create an EFFECTIVE bridge page.

2. Drive Capture Mail

The key things with effective list building and making profits with your list are to drive, capture, and then to mail. A list has to be reliable, it has to be there when you need it. Learn how to make your list a reliable one!

3.Five Snag Solutions

Discover how to create a strong foundation when it comes to driving traffic, build the right audience, taking the first step, making time, and building a list. Master the basics for it strengthens your foundation because your success depends on your ability to convert your plans into reality.

4.Getting Traffic The Right Way

The number one mistake that marketers make is creating the product and then looking for the traffic. In this training, you will discover how to avoid the biggest mistake you can make and learn where to start your journey instead of spinning your wheels.

5.List Management

Discover a tool that can help you in managing your list by creating, importing and sorting. With this new discovery, we can finally avoid “fake lists” and be able to target your subscribers more efficiently and get higher deliverables.

6.The Secret Traffic Training

You started an online business and now you realize that if you build it, it doesn’t mean that people will magically appear. Then it hits you.. you need TRAFFIC! How do you get traffic? Where do you start? You’ll learn the 3 ways to get traffic and you’ll be able to decide which is the best way for you.

7.The Viral Bonus

Creating bonuses should be something you often do as an affiliate marketer. We’re going to uncover ways for you to create a viral bonus and why you should even bother to do it to begin with. Learn what people will look for when it comes to products and how to stand out from the other affiliates.

8.AB Split Testing

Afraid of split testing? You don’t have to be afraid anymore. In this training, you will learn how to test your sales page using the A-B Split Testing method without fear. Discover how to compare these two versions to determine which is the best performing one. Make more money by split testing!

9.List Building:

The Ever-Changing Business Growth Paradigm
List building is one of the most important things you can do in your business and as technology develops, there comes new methods, tactics, and tools that enable us to attract new leads and new customers to grow your list. Learn how to attract your prospects with purpose, not just for the fun of it.

10.Contests And Prizes

When you’re launching a product, contest and prizes for your affiliates are important. Your goal should be to make sure that your affiliates are making money. Learn how to ensure that your affiliates are happy with contests and prizes during your product launch.

11.Trends In Traffic

The internet is constantly changing, but how you get your traffic isn’t. You’re about to discover that there are three ways that you can get traffic to your offers. We’re going to break down, in-depth, these three ways so that you can decide which is the best for your business needs.

12.Split Testing & Increasing Conversions

Internet marketing millionaire reveals top split testing methods to improve your conversions and make more sales. Learn why your visitors don’t turn into buyers and how to turn that around. You’re going to learn how to split test your sales pages so that you can generate more sales.

These bonus will be automatically delivered to you along with the product. If you haven’t received the bonus or facing any issue, you can contact us to or ilikedealza2z@gmail along with the purchase details.

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