Beware of Internet Lottery Scams – Lottery Emails

lottery scams

First Contact of Lottery Scam – Email

Thousands of people every day are being tricked by Internet lottery scams. The initial contact, which comes to your email address, will tell you that you have won a large amount of money. They will ask you if you want this money and if so to fill out a form with your name, address, phone number etc., so that they can make contact to get you your money. They then ask you to be certain to use the reference number that comes along with your letter. This is done to help them keep the scam straight so they know which scam they are pulling on which person. They are not only after money, but some of them are also after personal information that they will try to steal your identity.

Asking for Fees

After they have received the first contact back from their intended victim those running internet lottery scams will make their next move. They will congratulate you again and tell you that once you have sent them the necessary fees they will send you your winnings. People who have been through hard times are unemployed, or just want to have a chance to make life a little easier too often fall for these good luck scams. They should understand that in real lotteries there are no fees. They send you the winnings and you arrange to pay the taxes. That is what happens in authentic circumstances no matter what country you live in. The scammers will claim that the fees must pay for bank transfers, legal fees to prepare the documents, insurance or some other false reason. They will even ask you to pay the courier fees to have the check sent. Do not do it!

People are surprised when they do receive a check through these internet lottery scams. Sometimes they do, but the thing to understand is that the cheque is either forged or stolen so either way, you get nothing. They may send a forged cheque, or money order so that you show it to everyone and prove to others that they are real. It helps them to reel in other victims. The scary part here is that you could be arrested for cashing a counterfeit check or money order. Think about it, how can you win a lottery that you never entered?

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